Public Projects:

Here's a list of more or less useful tools that I've created over the years. This is just a selection of stuff I have hosted on GitHub. In no particular order:

nixon (Haskell)

Project environment and command launcher using fzf or rofi for fuzzy selection.


These are my dotfiles. There are many like them, but these ones are mine. I take my dotfiles very seriously, as any professional programmer should.

Piddif (Haskell)

A document renderer supporting different formats, outputting HTML ready to print from a browser. Created because I know how to style HTML using CSS, and I don't know how to style LaTeX. Uses Pandoc.

JSXAPI (JavaScript)

JavaScript language binding library for Cisco's CE Telepresence endpoints. Proprietary software turned open-source. In "widespread" use.

Annodate (Haskell)

A tiny, simple *nix tool to prepend (customizable) timestamps to input streams.

eeep (JavaScript)

A tiny, pretty silly, and not so robust little tool to get IP information from a *nix system.

Elvis (JavaScript)

A library for creating DOM elements with a JavaScript-friendly API. Quite similar to, and superseeded by Hyperscript.